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Laser-Welded Tubing Sets Standard for Excellence

Demanding application environments call for the highest quality tubing. It has been proven that laser-welded tubing outperforms TIG welded tubes. We have been perfecting its laser welding capabilities since 1992.

We are using a fourth generation laser process that has set the standard for laser welded stainless steel tubing.

Laser welds are superior to TIG welds in the following ways:

Full finished tube appearance
Welds are cold worked and annealed to result in a full finished tube that has a straighter weld and finer grain structure.
Tubes are finished to the highest standards of ASME BPE, with welds that consistently exhibit grain recrystalization close to the characteristics of the parent metal.

Superior performance
The narrow weld bead produced by a high-powered laser source has greater strength and ductility, thus outperforming a TIG weld. The S7 ASTM test shows that laser-welded tubes consistently demonstrate less corrosion potential

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