United Gear & Assembly is a world - class supplier of precision gears, shafts & related assemblies to industry. Our operation is set up to optimize flow efficiencies, lower costs, meet or exceed requirements, and deliver on time.


A Driving Force in the Marketplace

Primary markets include heavy duty transmissions, diesel engines, electric motors, generators, pneumatic, hydraulic, piston and gear pumps, drive trains and other various power transfer applications.

Industries covered include construction, agriculture, transportation, automotive, defense and more.

We specialize in medium to high volume runs but are also equipped to do prototyping and custom jobs to rigid specs as well.


Vertically Integrated & Totally Dedicated

We possess broad vertically integrated capability from Green Machining, Heat Treating, and Final Machining/Grinding to Assembly. Full process control from start to finish is aided by engaging in Quality Planning, Design & Process FMEA, Control Plan Development and In-Process Audit.



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